Amorous Eyes
Julie Ann Blansjaar
Photo taken on June 16th, 2012
Born May 18, 1976 (age 36)
Other name(s) Amorous Eyes
Impure Vyxen
Amorous Vyxen
Occupation Professional cocktease

Julie Ann Blansjaar (born May 18, 1976) more commonly known as Amorous Eyes, or Ame among friends, is a young Dutch T-Girl. She's very active on her Facebook and enjoys taking photos and editing them. She is also reasonably skilled in the coding of websites.

Forum Activity

She had been the technical administrator of the Halforums website until fall 2010 when she took her leave. She used to be the owner of the #pvponline irc channel for several years until November 12th, 2009 when she quit the IRC completely and handed over founder status to Yalborap. This IRC channel was instrumental in the creation of the first incarnation of Halforums, then still called Halforum.

Often behind the scenes of anything important, she lists her profession as "professional cocktease," adding that among her interests are "hooker boots." Generally accepted as the technical genius of Halforums current incarnation, her importance to the existence of the forum is often overlooked.

Amorous Eyes has been around since the Image Forum, though as noted by crone "not as spectacularly awesome as now."

She was also the mastermind behind the Hello Kitty April Fools' Day gag in which the forum style was temporarily changed to display a customized Hello Kitty logo. This was done in addition to the replacing of Calleja's avatar, signature, and rank to indicate he was the ultimate Dragonball Z fan.

Mid November 2009 she started working on the new vBulletin v4.0 custom style that has gone live in January 2010. Mid June 2010 all forum styles were revamped partly due to the massive addition of custom products and plugins.

In fall 2010 she had decided to take her permanent leave of the Halforums community. After having gone through many major changes in her life she stated it was time to move on. She would be working with Dave for one final software change and possible server move.

Memorable sayings

"I rule 63'd myself and liked it so much I decided to stay that way." - Source
"Mine's bigger."

Alternative handles

While Amorous Eyes does not normally use alts often she is know to occasionally rename her forum handle. These tend to keep the Amorous part but replacing the Eyes with another suffix such as Wench, Bitch, Vamp, et al. Every so often she'll include a prefix.

In October 2009 she appeared on the forums with the new handle Impure Vyxen. She has been posting using that handle until November 16th 2009 when she merged both user accounts together and renamed the result to Amorous Vyxen.

As of January 2nd 2010 she has resumed posting under her original handle, Amorous Eyes and has so ever since though it is rumored she controls a plethora of alt accounts.

Notes by others

When asked "What do you think of me?" in the Ask "C" Anything. 100% Unabridged Truth. thread, Shegokigo replied:

Wow Amorous, where could I begin? You are easily the most interesting person I've ever met on an online board ever. That's saying a bit considering my history with forums throughout the years. Your bravery to "be what you truly feel you are" on the inside and bring it to the outside is something I could never do (for reasons different than your own but none the less) and it's something I respect and admire like noonelse.

I don't really remember you from the Image days, but I think we were all a little different back then and have come a long way in alot of different aspects. I remember your first posts as Amorous Bitch though and from the onset you really caught my attention. I wasn't sure how to really approach you on a number of subjects so I mostly just observed your posting attitude and found you to be "rough on the outside, yet genuinely kind on the inside" You may rib people here and there but I really see the "real" you when you're looking out for a friend or concerned for someone's well being. You never seem to mind bending over backwards for someone if it's within your capacity and that is just beyond me. I've always been self-centered and selfish, and to see someone like you really makes me wonder if I've even been "doing it right" all these years.

You're beautiful, inside and out, strong (whether you may think so or not at times), outspoken when someone rubs you the wrong way and yet have the capacity to rethink an opinion if you think someonelse may be right. These boards would also not be ANYTHING like they are without your help, that in itself should speak volumes about what you mean to me, as I love these boards more than any I've ever been to in the past.

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