This user was a lurker and - after finding out what a lunatic community this bunch of geeks was - an occasional poster in the late Image Forum times and throughout the infamous halfpixel era of this community. He was then known and beloved under the handle "Drachenherz", which he switched (or more to say had it switched for him by the mighty edrondol) to Andi.

He tends to try to be funny, but fails miserably most of the time. As he lives in the beautiful country called Switzerland (not to be confused with Sweden!), he is infamous for his swissgerman accent in his writing.

Due to his similarity to the fictional character "The Medic" from the game Team Fortress 2, the user Denbrought likes to bring up a picture of a medic each time Andi posts a pic of himself. It should be noted that Andi has never played TF2 in his life, but likes to use the medic occasionally as an avatar because of his resemblance to this character.

Behold the uncanny similarity:


There would be so much to say or write about this user, but the current editor of this wiki-page is just too smurfing lazy to add anything else or to format this page at this moment.

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