The user known as bhamv (oftentimes with a number appended to the end of his username) enjoyed a brief reign as the forum's Official Forum Pervert, mainly during the Halfpixel era. Nowadays he's reigned himself in and tends not to publicly drool as much as before when he sees boobies, though privately he still enjoys them as much as ever. However, many still consider him a severe pervert.

As a result of his continuing pervert status, bhamv often finds himself shunned on Halforums, to the point where he begs for validation or acknowledgement:

"I look forward to the day I'm important enough for someone else to edit my user entry.*hint hint*"

Bhamv is only a ganger copy of the original thus why he appends numbers to his name.

Bhamv once kicked chuck norris so hard he broke the space time continuim.

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