BigCountry23 has been a fairly regular contributor since the infamous HalfPixel days. He will occasionally weigh in on random topics with tongue-in-cheek humor or personal insight and once killed a topic in Reno just to watch it die. He has contributed to the Motivational Poster thread and Graphics Only Thread on, but hasn’t been highly active since the transition to due to a busy work schedule.

Trivia: BigCountry23 lives in Utah and has been looking for a new house. He once posted a house he had an offer in on, without the realization that had he actually bought the house, everyone on the forum would know where he lived.

The original Wiki entry had him incorrectly listed as "Bigcouny23". this was corrected after JCM clicked on the BigCountry23 link on the Revolution page.

During the great Alt-pril's fools day event of 2009, he created two Alts. TehKurtz and Tim Buckley.

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