Bubble181 joined this group on HalfPixel, where he remained mostly a lurker. Once Halforum came into existence, he became one of the more active users; topping the post count lists for quite a while. Most of these posts come from SSATPP threads, though, causing some to say he's a postwhore.

Amongst the regular posters, Bubble181 is one of the few who regularly changes avatars, though his avatars are always (excluding special occasions) owls.

He left HalForums for a while, and came back far less active. Some blame him getting a girlfriend for his reduced activity on the forums; others have speculated that it might be due to his nighttime activities as a caped crusader for Justice, Truth and Beer.

Most notable about Bubble181 is his strong dislike of the French, Dutch and other nations who claim fame because of their cheeses.

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