Chazwozel: former forum user. Having left for personal differences. This page is maintained not to respect nor insult memory but rather for the sake of preserving history.

The Great White Alpha.

When visiting halforum and speaking to the might that is Chazwozel, it is important to remember this catchy phrase: Know your role, and shut your mouth. The posting of ridiculous medical and scientific opinions and contradictions will cause Chazwozel, like a mighty Great White, to attack from below the surface and call you out on your bull crap. Yes, he is over the top. Yes, he tends to exaggerate. But you know what? Tough titties. It's the internet!

Also important to note:

As far as video games and guitar hero are concerned: Despite the delusions and misinformation spread by certain board members, Chazwozel loves video games and enjoys Guitar Hero. Chazwozel becomes belligerent to those that like to push the idea that either are a valid substitution for spending one's time wisely. He stands firmly on the notion that competitive video gaming is not the same thing as competitive sports, and that Guitar Hero is not a valid measure of ability or substitution for musical instruments. The fine line distinction, he believes, lies in the comparison between raw talent and unpredictability to a program designed with constraints and boundaries (i.e. video game programmers have talent, video gamers playing those games do not).

Important to note is that Chazwozel has the time, stubbornness, and enough self-righteous anger to flag and hunt down any fucker that vandalizes his wiki article. So piss off with your pansy, anonymous edits. Grow a set and make edits under a user name instead of being a passive aggressive piece of shit

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