A Canadian forumite who doesn't seem to say too much these days.

checkeredhat lives in Mississauga, Ontario. He studied Animation while living in Oakville, and occassionally even manages to find work within the industry.

He often complains about both Oakville and Mississauga, and likes to make it clear that it is not his hometown. He is in fact from a much smaller town in cottage country, Ontario, known for its ice fishing. (No, seriously. Ice fishing.)

checkeredhat has been with the forums since the halfpixel and Image eras, in both of those forums going by the handle"jacobmcpoop" (Not to be confused with "Mr. Poop", another Canadian user who routinely argued with JCM).

He often engaged L33tN00b/computergate in conversations about the suckitude of Oakville and its populace, and once after complaining that everyone seemed to have a mortal enemy in the forums, agreed to take Calleja on as his adversary. This fake feud died off quickly though, due in part to checkeredhat's lax posting schedule, and in part to Calleja actually being a pretty cool dude.

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