A forum game implemented by Dave

The conquest system is actually a lot simpler than it looks. It's a basic realm domination system where multiple nations duke it out for superiority. Each nation has their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Be warned however, you will be unable to attack other players who are also part of your own nation. This war is for conquest; members of your nation should work together to conquer the other nations. A nation's relative domination is calculated by the size of the combined sizes of all the villages within the nation.
Once you have selected your nation and create your village, you can begin. Every village when it is founded automatically receives 60 turns, 250 gold, 100 troops, and 5 spies. The conquest system works on a cycle that refreshes every 15 minutes. On each cycle refresh, every village receives an automatic bonus of 5 turns, 50 gold and 2 troops. No advantages are given to a single village, no matter how big or small.

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