David Nihsen
Dave's DJ Picture
Born October 3, 1965
Other name(s) Edrondol
Occupation Quality Assurance Specialist
Wedding DJ

David Nihsen (born October 3, 1965) more commonly known as Edrondol, Ed, Turbo or simply Dave, hales from the booming metropolis of Omaha, Nebraska. He is the Founder and one of the Administrators of Halforums.

The Founding of Halforums

Just one of many faces at Halfpixel, Dave just happened to be online at the time of the Great November Forum Massacre. He joined several others on the IRC Channel, and they discussed and bemoaned the fate of their forum home. They threw around the idea of starting their own forum. Among the names thrown out were Repixel and Halforum. Repixel was taken but Halforum was available. On a whim, Dave registered the site address and within an hour had a working phpBB forum up and running. Within minutes after that, Calleja had spread the word that the forum was up and the people started rolling in.

With no formal training or experience in running a phpBB forum or administering a forum at all, Dave has made several mistakes such as bringing down the board on a regular basis while trying to "improve" things. He has been getting better but still needs to learn to say no once in a while.



Dave is one of the oldest members of the boards and thus is the butt of many jokes, which he takes lightheartedly and with a laugh. Such jokes include his flappy man hooties based on a sketch by ElJuski, the fact that he can tell stories about how experienced the initial cooling of the Earth's crust or other age-related jokes at his expense.

Married with two kids, Dave also has the pleasure of having his 15 year old daughter frequent the boards from time to time. Initially going by the unfortunate name of Blacklover107 without realizing that it meant something other than goth fashion wearing girl who like dark clothing, she has since changed to XSammiKaneX. Dave's wife and son are not impressed by the boards and stay away.


For the last 17 years Dave has been a wedding DJ on the weekends. Working for a company called Bandstand Music, Dave gets to spend his Saturday nights playing music for drunk bridesmaids and acting like a fool in front of crowds.

Recent News

The forums first reported case of H1N1 appeared at Dave's house, despite his fastidious nature.
Has an extreme weakness to cats. Reacts badly.

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