A meme commonly invoked after GasBandit has said something particularly acrid, spiteful, cynical or dark, is to post a picture of an Ewok. The root of this meme is that in a now-long-lost "post a picture of your real life self" thread, GasBandit posted a picture which (in contrast to his acerbic, misanthropic personality) was described as "cute." Forum user Calleja later described Gasbandit as "cute and fuzzy, like an Ewok." This is used to needle GasBandit to this day, and is part of why GasBandit refuses to post/repost any pictures of himself anymore (he claims that people thinking of him as "cute," or even "human," detracts from the kind of interaction he seeks), though certain other users claim to have the pictures that originated this meme stored somewhere, and sometimes threaten him with their revelation.

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