First Battle Of New York

The First Battle of New York was the opening conflict in the Halforums Civil War, a series of Risk! games begun by Phil in November of 2009. After some discussion, a New York City map was selected as the first battlefield of the wider conflict.

The battle began with a New York with provinces evenly distributed between five belligerents: Boring Metaphor, Rob King, Phil, CldWinter, and Soliloquy. After the first turn, CldWinter had to be booted due to his inability to participate, and the game continued with the four remaining players.

The Battle

Early Stages

The battle began on November 21st, 2009, with a scramble for control of the Bronx between Phil and Rob King. After very few turns, however, Phil turned his attention to Staten Island instead. As the game continued, Phil gained control of Staten Island, Rob King took over the Bronx, Soliloquy seized New Jersey, and Boring Metaphor occupied various territories in Queens and Brooklyn.

The New Jersey Conflict

Border disputes soon became tense, as it grew clear that expanding territories would bring players in more intense conflict with one another. An alliance was made between Phil and Rob King, to put pressure on Soliloquy's New Jersey from both sides. While that conflict raged on, Boring Metaphor was left to his designs, expanding territories and amassing large armies.

When it looked as if Soliloquy would inevitably be defeated, he abandoned all hope of consolidating his territory, and instead turned his attention to punching a hole in Rob King's territory. With little caution, he cut through Rob King's first line of defenses, and deep into his dominion, in an attempt to destroy one other enemy in his downfall.

A Metaphorical Threat

It became clear at that point that Boring Metaphor was going to dominate the endgame, as he had not been squandering resources by fighting the other three players. An attempt to unite against the larger player was made by Phil, Soliloquy, and Rob King, but it ultimately failed. Rob King expelled Soliloquy from the Bronx, and Phil mopped up his forces in New Jersey, but the damage was done.

Phil soon moved into Rob King's holdings in the Bronx and Manhattan, eliminating a third player, and leaving only two to slug it out.

Last Days of Battle

The endgame became a very desperate war of attrition, with both sides trying to cut deep into continents and deprive each other of army bonuses. It looked for a short while as if Phil might hold his own against the larger opponent, but all hope was soon crushed when Boring Metaphor rolled through Phil's fortifications. In New York, a Pax Metaphorica had been forged. Hostilities ceased on December 13th, 2009.

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