Frosty Susan

The "Frosty Susan" meme was a nickname applied to forum user Calleja, who had been previously nicknamed "Susan" because forum goers were unsure of his name's actual pronunciation (Ca yeh ha.) When describing a sexual act that ended in a mishap, Calleja related the incident where while having rear entry sex with a girlfriend that his penis slipped out and was pushed upwards in the direction of his face. As he told the tale, his eyes were open as he ejaculated, and he made the mistake of looking down just as he climaxed. Though he related the tale to sympathize with ladies that "cum stings in the eyes," he was immediately mocked by the forum, and nicknamed "Frosty Susan." He was teased about this for several months after relating the tale.

He has been mostly a good sport, though this meme can now be considered expired, or stale. It is generally to be considered perjorative (or at least in poor taste) to continue to reference the Frosty Susan meme, especially so when using it to address Calleja.

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