Fun Size
Fun Size
Fun Size
Born February 12, 1975
Occupation Computer Programmer


Fun Size is a forum member who uses Halforums almost exclusively to be a smart ass and pimp his blog Dangerously Low On Grog, where he is a long-winded smart ass. He has been a member of the group since the HalfPixel days. He manages to fly below the radar most of the time by not actually voicing his opinions on nearly anything, having realized that it's the internet and no one is listening anyway. That and he firmly believes that the entire forum is nothing but a Government run experiment to keep him distracted while they search his thoughts and steal all his good ideas, and that all of the other people here are really Government agents.

Fun Size's current occupation is that of a computer programmer, but his past is shrouded in mystery. Mystery and gauze. And some bubble wrap, 'cause some of it is breakable. Anyway, it has been suggested that at one time or another, he has been a secret agent, an exotic dancer, a ninja assassin, a winged vigilante, a zombie hunter, Bea Arther's body double, and a guy named Chester from Kentucky. This is, of course, completely ridiculous. I mean, who's named Chester these days, much less in Kentucky. That's just silly.

Fun Size has never been proven to cause cancer in any way, although he did give one of his friends a nasty rash once, and for that he's very, very sorry.

Fun Size's only lasting contribution to the forum is the expression "flappy old hooties". For him, it is enough.

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