Gas Bandit's Political Thread

Because GasBandit has so very much to say of a political nature, so as a courtesy he tries to mostly confine his new political material to one thread, titled "Gas Bandit's Political Thread." Due to the affect of thread length on the resource usage of mysql-based forums necessitating these threads to be locked after a given length (20 pages, usually), there have been at least four distinct GBPTs, and there have also been at least two "Special Editions" of the GBPT.

Typically, these threads are periodically (weekdaily, give or take) updated by Gas Bandit with a number of links with short commentary to stories of a political nature, usually reflecting GasBandit's libertarian nature. Responses follow, usually with/in addition to supportive/contradicting links, until the whole thing starts over the next day with a fresh bunch of links.

Sometimes forum moderators choose to sticky the active GBPT, though GasBandit has never asked for this. Once Halforums was supplied with a subforum for political discussion, the GBPT was moved there and continues to operate as before (by moderator request).

"Special Editions"

Periodically, Gas Bandit finds a topic that needs more than a sentence or two to address, so he has occasionally started a "GBPT Special Edition" thread about that one single topic. He tries to do this only when he has a great deal to say about the topic at hand - at least a page or two, by rule of thumb.

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