Besides being the creator/admin of the Halforums wiki, Gasbandit is a user on and administrator of the Halforums minecraft server. His interests include politics, PC gaming, and heated argument.

Gasbandit does not like to mix his online life with his real life, and tries to keep the two segregated/protected from each other as much as possible.

Gasbandit lurked for quite a while toward the end of the forumopolis era, and peaked in contribution during the Image Forum days.

Acknowledged to be the most prolific poster of political punditry, and is obviously the driving force behind "Gas Bandit's Political Thread." Also took a turn running one of the Halforums House game threads in late 2013.

Gas Bandit is also a self-described libertarian, misanthrope, pariah, and conflict-junkie. He calls himself "King of the image hoarders," and maintains a vast library of humorous/entertaining images in a section of his website at .

Gas Bandit, odds are, does not much like you. Or your friends. Or your family. He craves not your companionship, only your enmity.

He is linked to the Ewok meme.

Gasbandit was promoted to Forum Admin in November 2014, for reasons too sundry to mention.

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