Forum user, big fan of Ann of Green Gables. Longest remaining Grue.

That's all y'all can say about me? I make one single Anne reference in a thread and that becomes what I'm about? I've never even read the book. Sure, I've seen a couple episodes of Road to Avonlea, but that's it. I made a Hip reference in that same thread. So why aren't I called a Tragically Hip fan? That'd at least be kinda accurate. I mean, I actually own 4 or 5 Hip CDs. Not that I listen to them much.

I swear, all of y'all seem to know jack about me … Probably has something to do with the fact that I've said jack about myself here. I'm just here to hang out, make jokes and argubate (a word I think I coined that has never taken off)

Alts: Alt, Hollow, and 7 others still undiscovered.

Things Gruebeard doesn't get:
- jazz
- the deal with airline food
- the ending to 2001: A Space Odyssey
- over/under bets
- his own name

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