Halforums House

"Halforums House" refers to a series of entertainment-driven threads that use a computer game (usually The Sims) to attempt to simulate a fictional situation in which avatars based upon actual Halforums users' appearances and personalities live/work/go to school together. Originally started by Gusto, these threads tend to be very popular.

Halforums House 1:
Game: The Sims 2
Game Master: Gusto
Characters: (needs research) Gusto, HowDroll,Vytamindi,GasBandit, LittleSin, Dave, ShegoKigo, 2 other guys?
Thread not archived due to being on previous forum software.

Halforums House 2:
Game: The Sims 3
Game Master: Gusto
Characters: Bowielee, HowDroll, Gusto, Jay, LittleSin, CynicismKills, ThatNickGuy, LittleKagsin
Thread: http://www.halforums.com/threads/halforums-house-sunshine-lollipops-and-rainbows.28531/

Halforums House 3: Halforums Academy
Game: Artificial Academy
Game Master: GasBandit
Characters: Tinwhistler, Lord Rendar, Frank, Mind Detective, filmfanatic, LittleKagsin, Officer_Charon, Dirona, Klew, AshburnerX, Stienman, Dei, RavenPoe, Bones, Cheesy1, Bhamv, Jay, Shakey, Terrik, Just Me, Gusto, Bubble181, Shawnacy
Thread: http://www.halforums.com/threads/halforums-house-3-halforums-academy-in-progress.29799/

Halforums Academy 2
Game: Artificial Academy 2
Game Master: GasBandit
Characters: Lord Rendar, filmfanatic], Gusto, AshburnerX, Dei, Celt Z, Null, Cheesy1, LittleKagsin, Zero Esc, GasBandit, Bones, RavenPoe, Mind Detective, Tinwhistler, CynicismKills, Fade, Shakey, Wasabi Poptart, PatrThom, Officer_Charon, Dirona, Terrik, Stienman, Eriol, Dream Goddess
Thread: http://www.halforums.com/threads/halforums-academy-2-story-commentary-thread.30937/

Halforums House: Rimworld
Game: Rimworld
Game Master: GasBandit
Characters: Far too numerous to list
Thread: https://www.halforums.com/threads/halforums-house-rimworld-the-story-thread.32436/

Halforums House 4
Game: The Sims 4
Game Master: Gusto
To be launched with the release of Sims 4…

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