Halfpixel is a collective of comic artists (See http://www.halfpixel.com), which includes Scott Kurtz (creator of PvP Online) and Kristofer Straub. The common usage in the community is usually regarding events that transpired while halfpixel.com was host to the community that became halforums.com, the "Halfpixel era." The Halfpixel era is between the Image Forum era and the Halforums era.

Notable events that transpired during the Halfpixel era:

*brain fart
"fuck you guys, its funny"
Leapin' Lawyer


On November 26, 2008 the forum become inexplicably unavailable. Scott Kurtz later explained that the forum was not useful to PvP and was unbearably loading Kristofer Straub's server at HalfPixel. He instructed Kris to simply delete the forum altogether, and believed that, like removing a band-aid very quickly, it was better to delete the forum with no notice.

Though Scott ultimately made the decision, Kris received a great deal of criticism, primarily due to the fact that he was moving the other sub-forums off Halfpixel to other servers and giving their users several weeks notice that their forums were moving. Kris did attempt to patch things up by providing a redirect from Halfpixel to Halforum, but that lasted only hours as the continued vitriol aimed at him convinced him that helping the forum re-form was not in his best interest.

Many are still unhappy with both the initial action and the later explanations. This occasionally shows up in threads about PvP and Scott Kurtz, but doesn't often get worse than Scott Kurtz Is A Hack.

Many forum members worked in the IRC channel to bring up a new forum quickly, and while offers were made from existing forums to join them Halforum was up and running within a day. A significant number of the users made the move, but the Halfpixel forum data was never released by Kris, so an accurate evaluation of the switch cannot be made.

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