Julio Cezar Mari
JCM and Luizasan
Born Nov 18, 1980
Also known as Abdul Latiff (Muslim name)
Occupation Translator
Language instructor

Julio Cezar Mari, born in the 18th of November, 1980, is an old user from Brazil.

Now mostly tame, for over 8 years he used to post drunk, troll and argue endlessly, often causing other users to complain in blogs, pms, other threads, pvpmakesmesad.com and/or in wikis. (see Mr Poop).

Also known as forum Jesus, and as Chewbacca by crone, who has been rumored to be an alt of JCM.


Born in Barra Do Garças, Brazil, he spent his youth in Brasilia, the capital, before being sent off to a British boarding school in Malaysia at the age of 9. After quitting school at 15, he then dedicated his years to three passions; religion, languages and travelling.

A Catholic at birth, he converted to Islam and spent 4 years in a madrasah learning the religion, then went on to study Shinto, Buddhism and a few Evangelical branches of Christianity.

He has lived in the USA, Philippines, Brunei, Brazil, South Africa, Paraguay, Singapore, Malaysia, Argentina, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan.

He currently speaks and teaches; American and British English, Brazilian Portuguese, Classic Arabic, Malay, Spanish and Indonesian, and is learning French.

He is now in Brazil taking care of his mother, 3 siblings, is engaged to Luizasan and is now the father of a baby boy called Antonio Santiago

It is also rumoured that he was active in early 20th century Russia as a Bolshevik.


Forum life

The resident forum arguing drunkard, he was banned over 14 times in a row during the Joe Keatinge Era, after being perma-banned by Erik Larsen from the Image Forum, and also often posts as The unknown JCM alt

When an alt of JCM, called JCN was created ironically, he read a few of the posts and wondered how drunk he must have been the night before to write them and not remember them.

He now has stopped drinking for 2 years, and now is at home in Brazil taking care of his kid.

JCM making a life-changing decision in his JCM lair
A typical argument during the Halfpixel forum years.

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