KCWM, user from North Richland Hills, TX.

KCWM has been around since the Image days…or was it the pre-Image days. Alcohol is his friend and his memory's enemy…at least on some nights it is. He attempts to play guitar and will be recording an EP in August of 2017.

One time, the great smoking baby referred to him as a "big guitar guy", but KCWM simply took it as a fat joke.

KCWM also doesn't have a clue…about this…or about much of anything…well, except for the aforementioned alcohol and guitar…well, ok, just guitar.

And, for the record, KCWM is an abbreviation for "Kurt Cobain Was Murdered", an alt conceived on a long dead forum. The name predictably caused a lot of forum "know it alls" to make idiotic insults and remarks, opening the door for KCWM to troll away. People grew tired of typing out Kurt Cobain Was Murdered, shortened it to KCWM, and it became easier to remember than his previous name. But, "Know Cheez Whiz, Man" was pretty damned close.

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