Krypton Krew

Also known as Krewmembers, is a website forum project created after Scott Kurtz banned a number of his users from the Image Forum's PvP subforum. Uniting behind an internet forum user known as General Zod, Joe (last name/handle unknown) and a few others created a splinter forum as a reaction. The website has undergone several iterations each time refining and streamlining it's core audience. It is once again the alive and thriving fun filled forum, striving for hilarity for the good of all, forever and ever amen. To date one marriage, an engagement and a baby have resulted from the life long bonds created by this close knit forum family. What else is in store for the elusive Krypton Krewmembers?


See also Forumopolis, the much larger predecessor to both Krewmembers and Halforums

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