Halforums maintains used to maintain its own Minecraft server through multiplay.co.uk .

Address: - No longer active

maps at http://gasbanditry.com/minecraft

Thread: http://www.halforums.com/xenforo/threads/minecraft-hf-server-info-and-game-discussion.23905/

Note that you will need to be "promoted" to full "user" rank in order to build or dig on the server. Contact GasBandit.

The server originally was run by Noaxark on a server in his home, but more robust hosting was needed. The original map, now called "ragnar," was in fact a single player map initially started by Twitchmoss, which he shared with Noaxark and they decided to use due to the map's notable geological formations (specifically, one dubbed "Mt. Awesome").

The server now runs multiple maps at once, with portals from the main map serving as a hub. The main hub map is called "Caprica," with the old original map being renamed "Ragnar," in a Battlestar Galactica motif. Users are encouranged to build primarily in Caprica, as Ragnar no longer receives regular backups and in the event of a server crash or data corruption, anything new in Ragnar will probably be lost.

In addition there are several smaller tertiary maps: AdventureLand, CreativeLand, and SkyWorld.

Entering CreativeLand automatically converts players to creative mode, letting them build freely without hunger or danger, as well as fly. CreativeLand uses a special level generator called CleanRoom which is configured to place the ground at elevation 5 (instead of elevation 64, which is normal for most maps) giving users much more headroom to construct large/tall structures (since the maximum height of any map is 128).

AdventureLand is a map that is wiped and reconfigured on a regular basis. Building is not encouraged there, but rather the map serves as a renewable source of resources and exploration, so that users may satisfy wanderlust and have convenient access to raw resources without having to bloat the size of more established maps, which would cause size and mapping problems.

SkyWorld is a map using Notch's Skylands level generator, an alternative terrain generator which creates a map comprised of islands of terrain floating above a void. It is always day in SkyWorld, so monsters usually are not present - but falling through the void is fatal, so care must be exercised, as dying by falling out of SkyWorld means your inventory is lost! Unfortunately, the SkyLands terrain generator was removed/rebranded in the final version of minecraft to become "The End," the final encounter of the game. As such, SkyWorld is not accessible… however, rumor has it someone is working on a plugin for bukkit that will replicate the SkyLands terrain generator, so there may yet be hope to see its return at some unspecified date in the future.

Currently administrated by GasBandit.

Addons currently in use on the server:

  • CraftBukkit - API for plugins
  • BananaChunk - for reloading of chunks that don't load correctly
  • FireControl - prevents the spread of fire
  • Hawkeye - tracks all changes in a MySql database. Used to catch griefers and roll back their damage.
  • LWC - allows users to create and share private chests, doors, and furnaces.
  • Magic Carpet - creates a moving glass carpet under the user as instant scaffolding.
  • Multiverse Core, Portals and NetherPortals- allows for the use of multiple maps at once.
  • MyWarp - allows for the creation and use of warps.
  • PermissionsBukkit - defines ranks and permissions for users.
  • SquidLimiter - combats the "too many squids" problem.
  • WeatherGod - allows admins to control the weather, smite irritating users with lightning.
  • WorldEdit/WorldGuard - map editing and policing utility required for some other plugins (such as Multiverse's Portals) to work. Also used to nerf creepers from doing damage to structures.

Addons currently inactive/discarded:

  • Midibanks - plays midi files on noteblocks. No longer maintained, stopped working with MC version 1.0.0
  • CraftBook - allows for complex machinery, caused server crashes, needs update.
  • MultiArrow - creates multiple types of arrows for bows. Incompatible with new bow mechanics as of 1.8.
  • Minecart Mania - special mechanics for minecarts. No longer maintained.
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