Phil is a person who frequents Halforums. He currently resides in San Marcos, Texas and attends Texas State University where he majors in English with a creative writing emphasis and a minor in regret of choosing a major with no real future.

Phil spends his time reading comics, playing the occasional game (game of the month is Starcraft, because he never played it back in the day) and working with his friends in a sketch comedy group they call WE DID IT.

Phil can usually be seen trying to pimp WE DID IT on halforums from time to time, casually slipping it into conversation wherever he can. On an unrelated note, here is a random link, chosen at random, and is completely random. RANDOM LINK

It has been noted that Phil enjoys long walks around the town, going out to the bars on occasion or just staying in and watching a movie with an intimate dinner. You know, just throwin' that out there ladies.

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