Philosopher B.

Philosopher B. is a laidback motha who attempts to abide by the philosophy of Del Griffith from Planes, Trains & Automobiles - i.e, to 'Go with the flow … like
a twig on the shoulders of a mighty stream'.

A fan of PVP way back when, he joined the community several months before Joe Keatinge decreed the Monthly Wipes. He has seen the community soldier on through its Image, Halfpixel, and Halforum(s) incarnations.

He has not made an angry post since the Shecky Wars on Image, a cold dark time during which 80% of the threads were about just how strenuously a fat troll with a bowler sucked balls. He still regrets his transgression to this day.

He posted the original thread on Halfpixel for the MC Frontalot song 'Pitch Black', which set off a chain-reaction of Grue Mania which gave rise to the likes of Grue Tuesday (aka "Gruesday" - basically a mad orgy of Grue alts), and the 'Grue Option' of polls.

Oddly, he never made a Grue alt himself, only registering an alt on Halforums long after alts were the 'in thing'. This pretty much sums up his life.

He is also a rabid book-lover and a huge Tim Curry fan.

He does the rock, and wonders what are YOU doing?!

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