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The second (and current) incarnation of the #pvponline IRC channel was created on April 15, 2007 on the Slashnet network and has been active ever since. Amorous Eyes was the channel owner for several years until November 12th, 2009 when she quit the IRC completely and handed over founder status to Yalborap. Most of the peacekeeping is handled by Skynet. A bot Amorous Eyes programmed specifically for taking over the world this purpose.

Whenever Scott Kurtz went on one of his tirades against the community and threatened the closing down of the Image Forum completely, the IRC thread was bumped in order to give the users a place to coordinate and bitch.

The #pvponline IRC channel has been instrumental in the creation and naming of the Halforum board after Scott and Kris promptly decided to delete the Halfpixel forum.

After a long time of waiting, on November 27, 2008 the IRC sticky was finally realized.

Both Scott and Kris have made an appearance in the IRC channel.

Despite the name, #pvponline no longer has any ties to Scott Kurtz' webcomic.


Skynet is an IRC bot programmed by Amorous Eyes who had been put in charge of automated kicks, banning, and calculating the IRC statistics. It also featured a Google and IMDb function.

It had been known to appear sentient at times but the reports of this were insubstantial.

Skynet's program went offline February 17th, 2010 and hasn't been sighted since.


Every day around 8.30pm (CET) new activity statistics used to be calculated by Skynet and uploaded for all to see. These statistics showed who had been the most active in the past 30 days, display random quotes, some basic info of the top 10 talkers, and many more trivial statistics.

The IRC statistics have been removed with Skynet's departure.

Getting into the IRC chat

There are a number of ways of connecting to the #pvponline IRC channel.

If you have any installed IRC client simply cliking on this link will take you there [[irc://irc.slashnet.org/pvponline]]

Alternatively you can install a client such as mIRC, use the FireFox ChatZilla plugin, or connect through Mibbit.

Or, you can try connecting directly from here: [[http://www.slashnet.org/webclient/pvponline]]

If the above options are blocked or unavailable to you, try this mibbit server.

The creation and naming of Halforum

External Links

http://www.mibbit.com/chat/ Mibbit (browser client)

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