The Rant thread is a perpetual thread (re-created every time it's locked due to length) where people put their day to day rantings and ravings. Like the Epic Win and Random Crap threads, this is for those rants that one wants to vent about, but may not be worth starting a new thread over.

One of the more interesting memes is to take someone's rant, and reverse it for amusement, usually by changing the perspective from the offender to the offendee.

For instance:

1st Rant: Stupid idiot kept tailgating me to work today, and when I got home there was a bad smell in the car. Hopefully that'll go away.

2nd Rant: Stupid driver was going 10 under the speed limit all the way to work today. That's ok. I followed them to work and left a present in their air vents.

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