Ross went by the name "Rasputin" for several years on the different community forums until recently changing to Ross, which is his middle name.

Ross is the resident weather guy on Halforums. Though Ross was not around for the days of the Krypton Krew and forumopolis, he joined the popular Image forum on 15 May 2006 after almost a full year of lurking, and has been with the community ever since. If there's a discussion on the weather on the forum, Ross is there, replying and fact-checking to make sure that there are no misconceptions in the weather posts.

His posting habits are somewhat sporadic, but when posting, his posts almost always make an effort to actually contribute to the topic or topics at hand on the forums. The occasional troll/bait post can be seen alongside Ross' avatar, but is always done with jest and humor (though dissenting posters may find it less-than-laughable when reading it).

Due to his less-than-frequent posts on Halforums, Ross does not have a strong presence on the forums. However, Ross continues to contribute his voice and opinions for Halforums' "geekcasts", starting with the eighth episode, and plans to be on as many geekcasts as possible.

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