Rob King
Rob King
A Recent Avatar
Born December 20th, 1988
Also known as Joshua
Current Location Newfoundland (Canada)
Occupation Homecare Worker
Food Bank Driver/Packer

Rob King (born Dec. 20, 1988) is a regular poster on Halforums, hailing from Newfoundland. Lurking and eventually joining shortly after the Great November Forum Massacre, Rob (like many others) considers Halforums to be his home on the internet.

Currently he is out of school, declaring himself on 'extended sabbatical' after becoming disillusioned with academics, and fed up with fellow students. He intends to finish his Philosophy degree eventually, but not before spending some time in the wide world. He is employed with the Salvation Army in St. John's, Newfoundland (Canada) working with Community and Family Services. During Christmas of 2009, he maintianed a blog about what the Salvation Army does during the Christmas season. In addition to working with Family Services, he also does some work in in-home care.

In the Halforums community, Rob King has taken it upon himself to be the scribe and historian in charge of keeping a record of the Halforums Civil War, a series of Risk! games played via e-mail client instigated by Phil in November of 2009.

Despite having a rather jejune username, Rob King's real name is actually Joshua.

Rob King once edited the main page of the Halforums Wiki to be about him. He claims it was an accident, but in all likelihood it was simply a very revealing instance of narcissism.

Website: (personal site)
The Santa Claus Apprenticeship (

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