Second Battle of New York

The Second Battle of New York was the second conflict in the Halforums Civil War, a series of Risk! games begun by Phil in November of 2009. In the concluding days of the First Battle of New York, a fresh conflict was brewing when Phil invited all of the previous players, and a few new ones, to a rematch which would prove to be much more brutal than the previous round.

The battle began with a New York with provinces evenly distributed between six belligerents: Boring Metaphor (rechristened as 'Conqueror'), Rob King, Phil, Mr_thehun, Shannow (going by the name 'EarthWanderer'), and Soliloquy.

The Battle

Establishing States

The battle opened on December 14th, but began in earnest the next day with the final player confirming his invitation to the game. The first few days were relatively civil, with different players throwing their focus on different corners of the map. Rob King started work on unifying New Jersey, Conqueror focused on the Bronx, and EarthWanderer fought for Staten Island. Mr_thehun started his empire in Queens, and Soliloquy his in Brooklyn. Phil settled in to the border regions between Queens and Brooklyn, rather than try to stake a claim to the only remaining 'free' continent, the difficult-to-hold Manhattan.

Quick to Conflict

Players hadn't even grown to fill the borders of their continents before they came into conflict. EarthWanderer made some early forays into New Jersey, capturing nearly a third of it before he was done. In the following turns Rob King would oust EarthWanderer and make his own small foray into Staten Island. Many armies were lost in the fighting, and the conflict contributed to a chilly border between the neighbors for several turns after, even as the two belligerents scrambled to take over the rest of their respective continents.

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, Soliloquy made some advances toward Phil's claimed territory, not overtly threatening, but certainly implying future conflict. Phil made a preemptive strike into Soliloquy's territory as a response, stationing several extra armies in the claimed territory as a deterrent. Soliloquy expelled the force in the next turn, but only after expending a significant force to do so.

Soon after, Conqueror became the first player to take complete control of a continent when his armies seized the last free territories of the Bronx, although the honor would not last, as Phil promptly invaded via Manhattan.

As all of these minor conflicts occurred around him, Mr_thehun continued to spread his territory in Queens wider, unhindered by other players.

The Battle Accelerates

As quickly as the players were to engage in conflict, they were quicker to accelerate that conflict. After only a few turns, Mr_thehun's forces from Queens had met Soliloquy's forces from Brooklyn, which were busy expelling Phil from his previous holdings. As an avenue of retreat, Phil made increasingly more significant invasions into the Bronx, where Conqueror found himself with his back to the proverbial wall.

Even while expanding into the heart of the city, Mr_thehun also launched a small force into Staten Island, where EarthWanderer was still attempting to gain control after driving out Rob King. Rob King, meanwhile, had finally become the second player to seize an entire continent. Like Conqueror's dominion over Queens, though, the lordship was short lived: the very same turn that Rob King took his last territory, Soliloquy embarked on a surprise invasion through Newark Airport via JFK.


The next phase of the conflict clearly belonged to Mr_thehun. In an explosion of activity he took the remainder of Queens and invaded Staten Island. When EarthWanderer declared his intention to stop playing, (expressing his displeasure at the game's attack/defend mechanic) he neglected to formally surrender. As a result, the game would make the players wait an entire week in order to kick the absent player and continue with the battle. In an effort to circumvent this, Mr_thehun threw all of his forces into the effort to eliminate EarthWanderer before his next turn. In the end, his massive war machine was unable to eliminate all of EarthWanderer's holdings when the final territory proved unreachable to Mr_thehun's armies. Despite this failing, Mr_thehun had displayed the incredible power that he commanded with such a rapid expansion in only a short time.

The Week of Peace

When EarthWanderer's turn finally arrived, the game found itself on hold while the players awaited the prescribed time to kick the inactive player. In the interim, Soliloquy proposed an alliance between himself, Phil, and Conqueror, in order to deal with the threat of Rob King, and the much larger threat of Mr_thehun. When the week passed, however, nobody had committed to the alliance, and indeed it seemed too late anyhow.

Robert's Kingdom Pushed to the Edge

When the peace ended, Rob King launched all of his forces into an offensive against Mr_thehun. A force took advantage of the Newark Airport - JFK Airport invasion path previously used by Soliloquy, in order to strike at the Mr_thehun heartland. Another force pushed through Staten Island, forcing Mr_thehun out completely.

Following the impressive expulsion, Soliloquy took advantage of the exposed underbelly of Rob King's war machine as it focused elsewhere. Again utilizing JFK Airport, he invaded Newark, this time cutting south into Staten Island. But the surprises weren't over yet. After Soliloquy's invasion ground to a halt, Conqueror pushed into Queens from the Bronx, completely obliterating Soliloquy's holdings there, right to the airport.

Responding to Rob King's previous offensive, when Mr_thehun's chance to act came around again, he didn't waste any time or resources repairing his own dented border. Instead, he threw all of his forces into Staten Island, cutting through both Rob King and Soliloquy's forces there, and up through New Jersey as well.

His capacity to make war quite nearly obliterated, Rob King was left unable to adequately respond to Mr_thehun. Instead, he seized on an opportunity: Soliloquy had been even more decimated by the previous few turns than Rob King had, and his only two remaining territories lay on the border of Rob King's holdings. He threw what armies he could muster into eliminating the enemy, and did so only with much luck. Emboldened by the elimination of one enemy, Rob King also sent his defensive armies onto the offensive, across the various bridges that they had been watching over, into the Bronx, and also into Queens.

Another Phase of Expansion

Conqueror was now in control of over half of Queens, and (after repelling an attack by Rob King) all of the Bronx. Clearly intimidated by the even more impressive Mr_thehun, though, he launched an attack into Mr_thehun's Brooklyn. Mr_thehun and Conqueror spent the next few turns making forays into each-other's territory, and retaking what had been siezed by the other.

Meanwhile, Rob King launched an ill-fated plan to simultaneously steal Manhattan from Phil, and strike at Mr_thehun's Brooklyn. It became clear that he had the forces necessary to do neither when only a single army was able to attack Brooklyn, and Phil managed to expel him from Manhattan on the very next turn. Inexplicably determined, Rob King invaded again at his next opportunity, falling short of taking the whole island by only two territories.

The End of Empires

With what proved to be the final word on the conflict between Brooklyn and Queens, Mr_thehun raised a massive army and pushed his rival out of Queens and into a single corner of the Bronx. When the invasion finally lost it's momentum Conqueror held only three territories. Availing himself of the opportunity, Phil also invaded Queens, taking the final territories from Conqueror, eliminating him, and expelling Mr_thehun.

After establishing a temporary alliance with Phil, Rob King finally set out to repair the damage done by Mr_thehun's invasion into Queens and Staten Island. While Phil and Mr_thehun quarreled in the Bronx and Brooklyn, and despite a single surprisingly understated attack by Mr_thehun on Newark Airport, Rob King retook all of New Jersey and Staten Island. All the while, Mr_thehun busied himself by pushing Phil from the Bronx completely, then invading down the length of Rob King's territories in Manhattan, eventually landing again in Brooklyn to combat Phil there.

It would be the last bold acts of a threatened empire. In the following turns, Rob King harassed what he could of Mr_thehun's holdings to deprive him of continental army bonuses, all while sweeping out from Staten Island and into Brooklyn. Mr_thehun made a solitary attempt to retake Queens, but it was effectively over. In one final sweep, Rob King pushed Mr_thehun from the board completely, leaving only himself and Phil on the map.

By that point, however, Rob King held vastly more territory than Phil, gathering much larger army bonuses. Soon after, Phil was eliminated as well. On February 25th, 2010, the battle ended. Rob King declared New York to be the "Kingdom of Rob King," and gave himself the title "Founding King." Henceforth, he became "King Rob King, Founding King of the Kingdom of Rob King"

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