Shegokigo is a forum user known for her extreme love of violence, penchant for games such as Counterstrike, Team Fortress 2, and World of Warcraft. She has recently however stepped back much from hardcore online gaming and turned her interests toward consoles, RPGs and Left4Dead2 between Team Fortress sessions. Her current forum and game handle comes from (kigo) a fictional romantic pairing of Disney's Kim Possible and an antagonist known as Shego. The name suggests she sees herself as the villain in the pairing, which is very much in line with her behavior.

Shego has expressed a desire to commit horrific acts of violence at random, including murder, various acts of torture and other sadistic acts. It might be stated that she gains extreme physical/sexual pleasure from thoughts or completion of such acts, but that is speculation.

She has also implied that she has commited some acts, though the veracity of those claims is highly suspect. She sees these violent destructive desires as paramount, but has not openly acted on them because of fears of law enforcement reaction and general societal rejection. Because her desires can be considered far outside the cultural norm, it is believed she remains anonymous as much as possible to protect her daily life from her more expressive personality online.

To date, her photographs have always obscured her face, and very few forumites have actually seen photographs of her. As well, her real name is known only to a few. It is understood that she is attractive.

Given her inward nature (honest deep desire for chaos, destruction, death, suffering and torture of anyone that does not appeal to her,) it can be reasonably deduced that her presence online is her only outlet for these emotions and desires. Though she was initially disliked by most of the forum, she has since become inextricably part of the clique.

In mid to late 2012, she seemingly vanished with little clue as to why, other than vague intimations that "interesting" and "exciting" things were happening in her life, and those who know aren't commenting, saying it's for her to say - if and when she ever returns to say it.


During the final days of Halfpixel, Shego created an alt and posted a new thread, claiming she had accidentally murdered someone. Kristofer Straub quickly IP-banned both the alt and Shego from the forum. It is often speculated that this event was the final straw that caused Kris and Scott Kurtz to pull the plug on Halfpixel.

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