Married to his beloved wife, has 5 6 7 8 boys and one girl, working as a computer engineer in the automotive industry. Likes gadgets, computers, electronics, and other shiny electrified or electrifiable things.

Designed this:

And this:



Occasional creator of Demographics Polls, Rogue's Gallery and the Durr avatar mosaic.

The forum Mormon (member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and as such can be considered a relatively conservative Christian (ie, doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs, swear, and holds conservatives beliefs regarding marriage, sex, pornography, family, drugs, abortion, and other social issues).

Gets uppity when tired.

Notable Quotes

Welcome to Halforums. You seem to be new here. Please keep your hands, head, arms, and legs inside the threads at all times. Do not at any time attempt to stop a moving thread with your body. Wait until the thread comes to a complete stop before dismounting. If a thread appears to be trackless, pointless, obscene, or serene, you do not need to adjust your browser - you are observing the thread in the raw.

Thank you for choosing Halforums, and please come again!


First Lady Puffinstuff was suggested as a username by cajungal.

JCN was an alt of stienman used successfully to imitate JCM on Halfpixel (ie, JCM read a few of the posts and wondered how drunk he must have been the night before to write them and not remember them).

JCN was used again for an April fools prank to necro-bump the 50 oldest polls in halfpixel resulting in a permaban for stienman. The ban was reversed by community consensus shortly after Kris pointed out that JCN == stienman, although Espy figured out who's alt it was first.

Status Quo is a very infrequently used alt (two posts as of this wiki entry).

Steinman is not an alt, but merely a frequent misspelling of stienman. Unless someone registers it, then it'll be an alt of someone else…

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