West of Acapulco

During the Halforums' first anniversary's day-long contest, the contenders were asked to determine 1)which object was 2) hidden where 3) by what user. After a few hours, it was determined that the location was somewhere in the mexican-pacific waters, south of the state Jalisco yet not east of the city Acapulco.

Our resident Mexican-with-a-funny-name Calleja took this to mean that there was a structure floating west of Acapulco. At first, he could not find any such structure and therefore labeled it as 'the mythical structure that is not floating west of Acapulco'. While trying to find out what it was, there were such remarks as "You know what's floating west of Acapulco? NOTHING!" and "I hope you all go to Acapulco and drown because NOTHING FLOATS THERE!". Hilarity ensued.

The location-answer turned out to be a boat in the bay in Zihuatanejo, a city northwest of Acapulco. Unfortunately, this seemed to have broken Calleja's mind.

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